WFCU Declares And Pays Annual Dividend

WFCU Credit Union announced the declaration and payment of a dividend of 1.75% on the Series 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Class A Investment Shares.  Dividends were paid in March and April.

Since 1997, with the introduction of Series 1 Investment Shares, members have purchased a total of $67.4 million in Investment Shares Series 1 to 6 and each year have earned the planned annual dividends.  WFCU Credit Union has paid a total of $22 million in planned annual dividends.

“The success of our organization is clearly driven by our members’ continued commitment to the credit union,” stated WFCU Credit Union President & CEO, Eddie Francis. “WFCU is extremely proud that our members believe in the credit union and our vision for the future.”

By investing in WFCU Credit Union’s Investment Shares, members provide an increased capital base for the credit union’s future growth.  A strong capital base ensures that WFCU Credit Union continues to expand and offer competitively priced products and services to meet ALL members’ financial needs. Investment Shares also enable members to earn a premium rate of return on their investment.

For more information and to participate in a proven successful Investment Share product, call us at 519-974-3100.